choreography for blackboards

“Choreography is not to constrain movement into a set pattern, it is to provide a cradle for movement to find its own patterns.” – Michael Kliën

2001 a space odyssey: the appearance of a massive black monolith heralds a paradigm shift from mindless savage to calculated tool user. Now the monolith reappears in Brooklyn, in the shape of 6 imposing blackboards on a pristine white dance floor. A cast of uniquely abled citizens surf the cusp of change, modeling potential routes to a new world order.

Choreographer: Michael Klien
Dramaturg: Steve Valk
Ballet Master: Jeffrey Gormley
Invisible Dog Arts Center, New York // COIL Festival (2012)

PERFORMED BY: Brian Schwartz, physicist; Paul Muldoon, poet; Frank Hentschker, theater professor; Ivan Martinez, Investment Banker; Eugenia Manwelyan, urban planner and
Occupy Wall Street activist; Tal Beery, sculptor and Occupy Wall Street activist; Emma Fitzgerald, performance artist; Aine Stapleton, performance artist; Tony Schultz, physicist and dancer; Leina Bocar, artist/activist